I am a Mature Female, with a 34 year old Son, and a Beautiful 7 year old Granddaughter that live in Texas. I wish it wasn’t so far away! I Love My Family and My Friends,spending what free time people have these days in our busy worlds just trying to keep up!

Music Is My PASSION!!! It has played such an important role in My Life starting at a very Young age. I remember dancing on my Father’s feet when I was about 3. I played clarinet in the band starting in 4th Grade & was in Choir until 10th Grade. I’m not a very good Singer but that doesn’t stop me! My Hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan has literally 1,000’s of talented Musicians. Any genre You can imagine. Frankie Ballard, An Up & Coming Country Artist, with 2 #1 Songs under his belt started playing @ The Thursday Jam Sessions @ Wonderful’s Funky Basement, where I had worked for 11 years. I go out to see Concerts & Live Music Events as much as I can. Most Of The Local Musicians are just like Family To Me. Come visit Us!


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