YAY For Pi(e) Day!

This is GREAT!!!

Cute Overload

Today is March 14th, AKA 03/14 AKA 3.14 AKA…Pi (π). (Geek bonus: 03/14/15 @ 9:26:53 represents the first ten digits of Pi. This will not happen again in our lifetime.) And these puppehs want THEIR slice of the Pi. So to speak.

20130312-dogster-dog-pie-pi-day-620130312-dogster-dog-pie-pi-day-3Pumpkin pie colored dog try 120130312-dogster-dog-pie-pi-day-5

And of course, there’s always the…….Cow Pi. from Cow Tromboner Derek Klingenberg.

Photos from Dogster. Cow video discovered by Andrew Y on BuzzFeed.

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